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Sometimes the simplest design is the best choice when it comes to donation plaques. This plaque works best when they should be understated, like in a museum, or any overly complex environment.

Fill out the form below to see what your Simplicity Plaque will look like; Please specify if you have desired font, logos, or color preferences.

Comes with UV printed lettering and ships in 1- 2 weeks Includes etched and paint filled letters and take 3-4 weeks.
SMALL 5” x 10” $95 $140
MEDIUM 6” x 14” $110 $235
LARGE 10” x 16” $125 $448
CUSTOM SIZE Up to 10″ x 20″ TBD TBD

Use the form below to receive a design at no cost or obligation.



These donation plaques have UV printed text on anodized aluminum (print dries in ultra violet light), giving it a more vibrant color. The anodized aluminum is then laminated to a 1/8″ thick black acrylic. The simplicity donor plaque offers a premium version which is 1/8″ thick solid metal with deep etched and paint filled text and graphics.

Choose between silvertone, brasstone, or black plaques. Custom size & shape are available.

Production & Design

It typically takes our designers 1-2 business days to create a design layout of your plaque. This detailed shop drawing is submitted for your signed approval before payment is needed and production begins.  Revisions are welcomed; we want to work with you to create the perfect recognition for your organization.

Fill out the form below to see what your Arte Impresa Donor Wall will look like; Please specify if you have desired font, logos, or color preferences.


Installation for this donor recognition plaque is simple. Plaques are installed by peeling back the tape liner, applying several dabs of silicone to the back of the sign and using a level to make sure the plaque is aligned correctly. Full instructions, 3M tape, & silicone are provided with every plaque.


We ship our products through UPS Ground;  it typically takes 2-4 days to arrive.

  1. Fill out the form to receive a free design layout of your plaque.
  2. Our designers will take 1-2 days to customize your plaque with your fonts, logos, etc. No payment is needed at this time.
  3. Fabrication of your plaque(s) starts on your signed approval and payment; typically will take 2-4 weeks. Rush orders can be done.
  4. We use UPS and Fedex ground shipping, typically reaching your location in 2-4 days.
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