Saline Community Hospital

Donor & History Wall

This donor & history wall includes donor recognition panels with donor names etched in to brass plates. Historical information is represented with photos and copy silk screened on acrylic.

Historical information is integrated into the donor wall describing the history of the hospital discussing how donors had made significant contributions to the hospitals growth.

Hospital History and Recognition Wall

Edge lit acrylic: The stair stepped acrylic panels are edge lit which allows the light to travel through the acrylic and illuminate the names on the donor panels. At the same time the light is causing the silk screened copy to illuminate.

Each project starts with a Concept Design Drawing of the donor walls and plaques at no cost. Along with design drawings, we’ll include material samples, provide costs and include a definitive plan for updating and adding new names. We will also provide a detailed schedule and a step-by-step process. All of our donor recognition programs are highly customized, designed to fit your specific requirements and tailored to work within your environment.

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