Botsford Hospital

Donor & Employee Recognition Wall

We have been providing donor recognition design and implementation services for Botsford Hospital for more than 10 years. Botsford Hospital as an extensive program including, numerous employee recognition walls, as well as, donor recognition walls & plaques. In that time it has been our goal to maintain a consistent look using glass, metal and wood. The wood species changes to match the respective area interior design.  

Hospital Donor Wall

Glass Donor Wall

This is the main hospital accumulative donor wall. This started as a donor wall retrofit with the stipulation that we retain the sculpture of the founder in the center. The wall uses a changeable insert system.

Insert Style Donor Wall

The Cancer Center donor wall uses a green renewable wood species with etched glass panels and our aluminum name insert system.

Cancer Center Donor Recognition

The Cancer Center donor wall uses the same aluminum name insert system to allow easy updating. The glass panels have an etched floral pattern used on all Cancer Center recognition.

Cast Bronze Exterior Sign

Exterior bronze recognition sign: This exterior healing garden recognition sign is in an area associated with the Cancer Center.

Metal Donor Plaque

This plaque uses the same wildlife pattern used on all Cancer Center donor recognition elements.

Added a new donor wall to recognize the accomplishments of reputable doctor at a local hospital.

Memorial Donor Wall

This small donor wall also serves as a memorial plaque for a revered physician. The new Education Center was named after Dr. Colen, contributors to the center are recognized on the permanent campaign donor wall. Once again we maintain a consistent recognizable design.

Botsford Hospital - Emergency Room Donor Wall

Large Donor Plaque

This recent addition shows how we used established design conventions created 10 years earlier, in a fresh elegant design. The design variables for Botsford hospital include wood and glass background, curved glass, and names etched into metal.

Each project starts with a Concept Design Drawing of the donor walls and plaques at no cost. Along with design drawings, we’ll include material samples, provide costs and include a definitive plan for updating and adding new names. We will also provide a detailed schedule and a step-by-step process. All of our donor recognition programs are highly customized, designed to fit your specific requirements and tailored to work within your environment.

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