Not every design concept becomes a donor wall. Therefore, we have plenty of donor wall ideas to give you some inspiration on your donor recognition program. Below are some donor wall ideas we love that did not make it into production (all designs are owned by DonorSigns). When you work with us, you will receive a design concept like the ones below with a detailed description of materials and how it and how it should be maintained and updated

Rail System with Acrylic Name Plates

Donor names are etched into 1/2″ thick tinted acrylic plaques held in place with a permanently mounted rail. Names are placed randomly with giving levels indicated by the size of the plaque. The variations on greens and blues with painted rails creates a dynamic and strong presence.

Donor Wall Idea - Name Plates

annual donor wall

Hospital Accumlative Donor Wall

A major regional hospital hired our firm to provide donor wall design concepts. This version features three large interactive digital monitors with major donors recognized with plaques on each side.

Healthcare Donor Wall Ideas

This is one of three donor wall design concepts provided for the initial presentation. This design uses conservative materials in a very fresh contemporary shape.

Donor wall design ideas and concepts - hospital and Healthcare donor walls.

Amazing Donor Wall Design Idea, concept  - touchscreen displays

Leading Edge Donor Wall Design

This donor wall idea features an eight foot tall interactive recognition element that involves the viewers body motions for interaction. On each side is an elegant wood wall with a series of shadow boxes. High level donor ease are etched in glass and placed in the shadow box.

Interactive & Glass Donor Wall

This design incorporates interactive digital monitors but with more emphasis placed on the physical donor names. The back wall is a series of illuminated sculpted glass panels, the donor names are on glass panels suspended by a wire system in front of the lit glass wall.

Touchscreen donor wall idea, interactive donor walls

Children museum - donor wall

FOCUS HOPE: Fun Design Concept

The campaign theme was based on circles so we proposed each donor name be place on a disc that would be added to the wall. The background was large image printed on vinyl wall covering. The disc color indicates the giving level.

Detroit River Walk: Exterior Donor Sculpture

Donor names are silk screened on up-dateable stainless steel panels. The overall design concept is like a series of overlapping waves which works well with the river located next to this sculpture.

Detroit Donor Recognition Donor wall Idea

Wood Donor Wall - Donor Signs creates many donor wall ideas for clients.

Elegant Wood & Metal Donor Wall Ideas

This is a timeless sophisticated donor wall using two contrasting wood species, etched metal donor plaques, and an etched glass introductory panel.

Low Cost, High Value Museum Donor Wall

The Motown Museum was looking for an inexpensive way to recognize donors and allow for growth. We proposed using large format prints mounted to Gatorboard and held in place with a simple metal bracket attached to the wall at the top and bottom. When it comes to donor wall ideas, this is one of our budget-friendly favorites.

Motown Donor Wall Design Idea

Donor Wall Idea that is contemporary and affordable.

Contemporary Economical Donor Wall

This very efficient economical donor wall is based on one of our standard donor wall systems. The addition of a simple wave pattern creates a unique look at very little additional cost.

Exterior Rustic Donor Recognition

A colonial era museum needed donor recognition for an exterior amphitheater. We proposed a carved wood panel with engraved donor names attached to a wood post.

Outdoor Donor Wall, Donor Recognition for a colonial era museum

Affordable donor wall design idea

Easy Frame Floral Motif Donor Wall

This donor wall uses our standard Easy Frame system with a series of large format floral prints. The design drawing shows how the donor wall would appear the first year, and how it would look as more panels are added in subsequent years. This is a low cost donor wall solution and inexpensive to update.

Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center

We created a very elegant design that fits perfectly with the brass interior fixtures and the round decorative motif used in Lincoln Center. Higher level donors are engraved into their own thin marble panels while middle level donors are grouped together on larger panels.

Opera House Donor Wall Idea, Engraved Donor Wall

economic donor wall design idea

Budget Donor Wall

This donor wall is for a swim club focused on high level competition. We came up with the idea of using plaques that looked like gold, silver and bronze medals. Because they only buy “medals” when they need them this is a very economical donor wall solution.

Donor Wall Based on Brand Logo

A local Habitat for Humanity group wanted a donor wall solution that was based on their logo and their brand colors. We created shapes that mimic the “roof” structure in the logo and featured their green and blue colors.

Habitat For Humanity Donor Wall Idea

children museum donor wall idea - design concept

Children’s Museum Donor Wall

This wall was designed for donors that gave $1mil or more. Donors are grouped together inside illuminated light boxes. Five boxes that currently have children’s faces are available for growth.

Donor Recognition Monument and Fountain

The center element is a large granite obelisk with the image of a very significant donor. Other donors are represented on glass panels surrounding the granite. Water runs down the surface of the granite into a fountain.

Donor Recognition donor wall idea

donor wall idea that can be updated

Flexible Changeable Donor Wall

This is an economical good value donor wall that’s easy to update. Donor names are printed on film and held between sheets of acrylic.

Modular Donor Wall

Names are grouped together on colored modular panels. The color differentiates giving levels. The highest level donors are in the center circle.

modular donor wall idea

Sophisticated, historical donor wall idea

Historical Donor Wall Ideas

Opulent sophisticated historical wall designed to coordinate with a hospital donor recognition program.

High Giving Level Donor Wall

Donor names etched in to translucent tinted acrylic panels. A LED lit panel is behind the wall illuminating the panels.

major gift donor wall idea

If you’re interested in seeing some of our donor wall ideas that made it to life, please view Recent Donor Programs.  Here you will find successful donor wall programs for many organizations from healthcare, nonprofits, religious, and more.

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