Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Donor Recognition Program

This museum donor recognition program offered more challenges than any other project we’ve encountered. The building architecture is iconic, the interior design materials are unusual and vary throughout the building and we had to maintain a high level of sensitivity to the exhibit contents.

Our responsibility on this project was design, planning, and coordinating the work of a local fabricator.

Museum Recognition

Individual letters for donor recognition: The largest donors were recognized with individual letters mounted to the wall. The size of the lettering indicates the giving amount.

Museum Donor Signage

Exhibit recognition: Because of the sensitive nature of the exhibit content we needed to make sure the recognition was located in a way where it did not appear that the donor had influence over the content.

Recognition Etched in Stone

Creative recognition locations: We were challenged with finding unique locations for most of the signage. $1,000,000 donors for the ramps were sandblasted in to the ramp half walls. The alabaster ramps glow illuminating the donor name.

Metal Donor Recognition

Elegant metal letter donor recognition: The differences in wall material are vast. The solution was to keep the design of the donor recognition simple and elegant so that it would be visually appealing everywhere.

Each project starts with a Concept Design Drawing of the donor walls and plaques at no cost. Along with design drawings, we’ll include material samples, provide costs and include a definitive plan for updating and adding new names. We will also provide a detailed schedule and a step-by-step process. All of our donor recognition programs are highly customized, designed to fit your specific requirements and tailored to work within your environment.

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