Beaumont Hospital

Donor Recognition Program

We have been providing donor recognition services for Beaumont Hospital for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve been very careful to maintain a consistent appearance while allowing that look to evolve.

Elegant Donor Wall

Emergency Center donor wall: This durable stainless steel and wood donor wall recognizes the group of ER doctors that contributed to the ER renovation.

Donor Recognition Water Wall: Water cascades down the front of glass donor walls. The cabinet is fabricated with different alloys of copper, brass and bronze with the expectation that the metals will naturally age.

Healing Garden Fountain

This fountain has water cascading down glass panels that contain the donor names. The fountain was made from a variety of metals that have been left to age naturally.

Elegant Donor Plaque

Stainless steel and wood recognition: Individual donors provided significant gifts for the ER renovation.

Healthcare Donor Plaque

We used a stainless steel and wood themes throughout the hospital, all shapes mimic each other to create a seamless theme.

Capital Campaign Wall

We created a capital campaign donor wall, using the same metal and wood theme.

Each project starts with a Concept Design Drawing of the donor walls and plaques at no cost. Along with design drawings, we’ll include material samples, provide costs and include a definitive plan for updating and adding new names. We will also provide a detailed schedule and a step-by-step process. All of our donor recognition programs are highly customized, designed to fit your specific requirements and tailored to work within your environment.

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